Message Development and Content Marketing

Colored PencilsYour word is your promise, your reputation, your image. Your message should not be treated lightly. Depending on your audience and the situation, there are many ways to communicate your message.

Blogs and other content shared digitally will raise your search engine optimization (SEO) and help drive more traffic to your website. Don’t leave your content marketing to chance. Let McCormick L.A. sharpen and hone your message to reach your targeted audience.

Your message development is the cornerstone of your promotional activities. Whether that is general public relations, media relations, or social media (content marketing), your messaging needs to be consistent and concise.

With a diverse writing background, Leslie A.M. Smith has experience as a reporter, has penned numerous press releases, clever ad copy, crafted marketing collateral pieces, composed winning grant applications, and written reams of web copy.

If it is important that your message development involves a group effort, she can guide you through that process as well using Facilitation Services.

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